Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Kudos to Mr. David Wright for coming in 2nd behind Ryan Howard in last nights' home run challenge, part of the festivities surrounding the annual All-Star game. The funniest line, I believe, came from Chris Berman, as he referred to Paul Lo Duca, Wright's pitcher: "With the way Paul Lo Duca is throwing to Wright, do you think National Leaguers are licking their chops waiting for a chance to run on him?" Come on, show some love for our all-star catcher!

Replacing Jose Reyes in the starting line-up is the Braves shortstop, Edgar Renteria. However, they have Renteria batting 5th, one spot ahead of David Wright. Is Phil Garner out of his mind? And just think- we MIGHT have been able to pull of an all-star line-up that began Reyes - Lo Duca - Beltran - Wright...maybe next year!!!

The all-star game always meant more to me as a kid, because it was the main opportunity to watch the top starts from the American League compete. I rarely watched Yankees games, unless they were playing either the A's or Angels, so that game was the best chance to watch the AL stars. The game means so much less these days, even with the home-field advantage in the World Series up for grabs. There were fewer teams back then, so it was easier to ensure that every team had an all-star representative and it meant that fewer top stars were sitting at home or away on a mini-vacation. During the 70's, the main question National Leaguers had was who the shortstop was going to be, Concepcion, Bowa or Russell (usually Concepcion). Names like Morgan, Rose, Seaver, Carlton, Stargell and Garvey were regulars, and it was always cool to see these division rivals united to take on the other league. Today, with player movement, interleague play and so many more teams, the game has lost much of its meaning to new audiences. I still get a thrill watching the game, because it's always cool to see so much talent displayed on one stage. It will mean that much more, of course, if the NL wins and we end up in the World Series - but let's take it one step at a time.

It seems like Mike Pelfrey is staying in the rotation for now. He will take his "regular" turn next week. We are betting he's even more impressive the second time out, as his butterflies should have subsided by then. Let's hope Pelfrey is, indeed, the shot in the arm our beleaguered rotation needs right now!

Joel Sherman, over at the MSG site, grades the Mets at the half-way mark. His reviews can be found here. Sherman gives Willie an "A" - I don't want to tell you how hard Jonathan choked at this!!!

We'll post our half-way grades tomorrow, having recently posted an extensive report card a mere 3 weeks ago. We'll also have some additional mini-book reviews and a look at what has to happen over the next half-season or so in order for the Mets to reach the World Series. In the meantime, Let's Go NL!!!

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