Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mets Finally Nab Pena: Yanks Can't Get Any 2nd Gen Love!

Today's NY Times finally confirms that the Mets have signed Francisco Pena, son of former major league star & current Yankees coach, Tony Pena. You can read the story by clicking here. Pena was the most-prized catcher available via international signings. The Yankees had earlier signed catcher Jesus Montero, who is speculated to end up becoming a first baseman or corner outfielder rather then remaining at catcher. Pena is a two-way star in the making, as scouts already feel his arm is better than his dad's was at the same age, and he is supposed to be better offensively then Pena the elder as well. The Yanks were very interested in Pena, as well, and this marks the second time that they lost out on a son of one of their coaches (Preston Mattingly was drafted by the Dodgers as a SS in the recent major league draft). Let's hope the trend continues....does Ron Guidry have any hard-throwing, lefthanded starters as sons???

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