Monday, August 28, 2006

3 Days & Counting... the deadline for waiver deals, on August 31st. More then likely, we won't be making any additional moves, as Omar has recently imported the likes of Guillermo Mota & Shawn Green, to go with Roberto Hernandez & Oliver Perez.

While we all thought that there were no impact starters to be had for a reasonable fee, it seems that we were all wrong (except for Omar, of course). Perez looked great this weekend, and as we prepare for his second start this Thursday, look for the Mets to make ONE BIG ADDITION SOON- THE RETURN OF CLIFF FLOYD!!! Don't forget how well Cliffy was hitting before he got hurt, and if we can get back some semblance of the Floyd of '05, along with the revitalized Shawn Green & the return of Pedro & Glavine shortly, there really is no need to pull the trigger on any other deal- especially since we won't be able to make a stab at Dontrelle again until the offseason (when, it's rumored, that he will, indeed, be available.)

We'll keep you posted when / if anything does happen!

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