Monday, August 28, 2006

Reardon Declared "Not Guilty" By Reason Of Insanity

Former Mets' reliever Jeff Reardon once made headlines for his great pitching; not long ago, the only headline he made was for his arrest after robbing a jewelry store in Palm Beach, Florida. Apparently, Reardon had grown distraught over the death of his 20 year old son, and walked into Hamilton Jewelers in Palm Beach Gardens, handed an employee a note that said the store was being robbed and he had a gun. He took a sum of money from the employee and ran away. Reardon's lawyers contend that the reliever was on a variety of medications, in an effort to help him deal with his tragic loss. His attorneys also assured the court that Reardon does not have any monetary problems, which is gratifying since he made over 11 million bucks during the course of his career (or about what a top closer makes in one year today.) We wish Reardon the best as he gets his life back on track. You can read more on this story by clicking here.

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