Thursday, August 31, 2006

AHern back

Adam Rubin at The NY Daily News writes about the recall of Anderson Hernandez:

Here’s the reason the Mets needed to add Anderson Hernandez, or some position player, to the roster before Sept. 1 - at least according to Mets officials.

Let’s say the Mets wanted to call up Lastings Milledge, or any other position player, from the minor-league system in September and then later use him in the playoffs. Milledge could only replace a position player who was on the roster as of Aug. 31 - not a pitcher. So Milledge could be subbed for Hernandez, but not Dave Williams.

Because Tom Glavine had never gone on the disabled list, the Mets had only four bench players with a 13-man pitching staff.

Hernandez will be with the Mets today, according to Triple-A Norfolk’s Web site.

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