Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cy Young winning Wagner?

Over at ESPN with the help of their Cy Young calculator they evaluate the top ten candidates in each leagu and Billy is number one followed by Tommy Glavine at number nine:


1. Billy Wagner (Mets) 130.8
2. Brandon Webb (D-Backs) 124.5
3. Carlos Zambrano (Cubs) 114.8
4. Chris Carpenter (Cardinals) 113.4
5. Aaron Harang (Reds) 105.9
6. Jason Isringhausen (Cardinals) 101.1
7. John Smoltz (Braves) 100.2
8. Trevor Hoffman (Padres) 99.6
9. Tom Glavine (Mets) 99.5
10. Jason Schmidt (Giants) 96.6

To see how they got to these numbers or to check out the AL leaders use the link above.

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