Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fox Sports Picks Beltran To Set Record For Extra-Base Hits By A CFer! & Mets Will Be Only NL Team With 90+ Wins!

In his post on, Dayn Perry makes his top 10 predictions for the post-season. In order:

1.) The Phillies Will Win The WildCard - ugh! Hope not!!!

2.) Roger Clemens Will Fail To Win His 350th Game! - He only has 4 to go, but the lack of run support he's received has been amazing - amazingly bad! Rocket deserves better (and I can't believe I'm actually saying that!)

3.) David Ortiz Will Set the Franchise Record For Homers In A Season - very possibly, as the record is 50, by Double-X, Jimmie Foxx, and "Big Papi" already has 44 and is on pace for 58!

4.) The White Sox Will Win The AL WildCard- I sure hope so, because my friend Jim will then fly me to Chicago if the Sox face the Mets in the Series (selfish, I know!)

5.) Joe Mauer Will Become The First Catcher Since Ernie Lombardi In 1942 To Win A Batting Title - As a kid, when I was a catcher in little league, I once had a bad ankle and my dad accused me of running the bases like Ernie Lombardi, the only guy, he once said, who could turn a triple into a single. Mauer is the new face of Minnesota, even though Morneau is the power behind the Twins resurgance.

6.) For The First Time Since 1982, The NL Will Have Only One Team To Win At Least 90 Games In A Full Season - In Perry's words:

Yep, it's been that kind of year in the senior circuit. The Mets are on pace for a robust 99 wins, but the Cardinals, who presently have the second-best mark in the NL, are headed for a record of 87-75. Not since 1982, when the Cardinals paced the NL with 92 victories, has there been such a forgettable top of the heap over the course of a full season.

7.) The Red Sox Will Miss The Postseason - sad, because the Yanks just trounced them in 5 games - ugh!

8.) Carlos Beltran Will Set The All-Time Record For Extra-Base Hits By A Center Fielder - In Perry's words:

This one will take some work, but Beltran has a puncher's chance. Right now, Beltran has 35 homers, 32 doubles and a triple, and that puts him on pace for 91 extra-base hits this season. If that pace holds, he'd rank sixth on the all-time list, just ahead of Willie Mays' 90 knocks in 1962. However, we're going to challenge the percentages and say that Beltran fattens up against a glut of weak pitching staffs on the schedule and ups up the pace. In fact, we're betting he eclipses Hack Wilson's all-time mark of 97 set back in 1930. It'll take some work, but Beltran's remarkable consistency (he's slugged better than .600 in each month of the season) is in his favor.

9.) The Yankees Will Edge The Tigers For The Best Record In Baseball - we sure hope not...I guess we'll have to root for the Tigers in addition to the White Sox.

10.) The Dodgers Will Win The NL West - Great! I can watch the Mets beat the Bums in CA & NY!!!

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