Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Great Night To Be A Mets Fan...

Let's recap:
1.) We acquire Shawn Green, a great character guy, still a potent hitter and good fielder, and best friend of Carlos Delgado, for a AAA pitching prospect who hits 85 on the radar gun and who wasn't going to make it to the big leagues with us. I had the pleasure of meeting Green a few years ago, when he was still with the Dodgers, and he was extremely friendly. His biceps were stretching his polo shirt pretty good as I recall0 haven't seen what kind of shape he's in now, but as a #6 hitter, for approximately 6 mil per, not a bad pick-up at we've said since day one, and as many others have now echoed, "In Omar We Trust!"

2.) Tom Glavine is helped by Baby Aspirin- the kind we took as kids- and will be back with us next week.

3.) Carlos 2, Albert 1 - We beat the Cards with a walk-off homer by Carlos Beltran, after our other Carlos, Delgado, hit a solo homer and a grand salami...he's heating up at the perfect time for us!

If you're a Mets' fan, then you must me bouncing off of the walls today!I know we are!!!!

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