Thursday, August 24, 2006

Green's reasons for the trade

Tara Sullivan at North writes about Shawn Green and his motives for waiving his no trade clause:

Basically, he wanted out of Arizona and back into the playoffs. When he looked across the country and saw the Mets' domination of the NL East, he knew New York would be the right place to fulfill both goals. When the Mets looked at his resume and saw an experienced veteran outfielder with above-average skills at the plate and in the field, they knew they found a healthy complement to a strong but injury-hampered roster. Both sides benefit in this one.

"The opportunity to play deep into the postseason and the potential to get to the World Series, obviously that's been rare," said Green, a full-time major-leaguer since 1995 in Toronto. "I've only played in four postseason games (with the Dodgers in 2004) and to have that chance late in my career is something I couldn't pass up."

For Green, the new lease on his baseball life is welcome. After all, he had to give his permission for it to happen. "All year I've been really impressed with what the Mets have and the potential they have as a team," he said. "Obviously the lineup and the record and all that, but I always saw the intangibles, the energy the team has. They have great confidence."

I can't wait to stop using the D-Backs picture and get one of him in a Mets uniform.

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