Thursday, August 24, 2006

Next on the Mets list?

MLB Tade Rumors writes that the Mets might not be done adding additional players to the roster:

According to Jon Heyman at Sports Illustrated, some Mets officials still hope to trade for Moises Alou even with Shawn Green already in the fold. An independent source of mine has verified that given Cliff Floyd's inability to stay healthy, the Mets would still like to add Alou.

Alou has spent plenty of time in his career at both outfield corner positions. He's playing right field for the Giants right now more out of necessity, as his defense can be ugly at age 40. He'll be a free agent after this season, and still mashes when he's on the field. He's hitting .292/.350/.522 this season in 247 ABs. Alou has dealt with a myriad of injuries this season, and would make a great candidate to play in the AL for the first time in his career next season. He's making $6MM this year.

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