Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mets are still king of the NL hill

Jay Jaffe at Baseball Prospectus gives the power ranking for the past week and the Mets come in at number3 and the best in the NL yet again:

Despite a 14-game lead that should allow them to close out the regular season on cruise control, the Mets rotation suffers a serious scare as Tom Glavine and Pedro Martinez, the team's top two pitchers according to both VORP (29.6 and 24.0, respectively) and SNLVAR (4.0, 3.6), face health issues. First, a calf strain sends Martinez to the DL; fortunately, his injury is the kind of thing a team with a big lead can afford to sort out slowly. But the possible blood clot in Glavine's pitching shoulder threatens to end his season. In his absence, the Mets have to hope Orlando Hernandez can give them the kind of magic he gave the Yankees upon returning in 2004, but despite his part in Sunday's shutout, El Duque's ERA as a Met is still 4.85 and his VORP is in the single digits (8.2).

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