Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mets E.R.A. Ping Pongs

FYI- The Mets' month-to-month ERA, from April to August:

April =3.27
May = 4.43
June = 3.98
July = 4.42
August = 4.56

Not a pretty sight. Considering that the team carried ballooning ERA's from the likes of Jeremi Gonzalez & Jose Lima, as well as repeated call-ups from the minors that included Alay Soler & Mike Pelfrey, amongst others, and it's still not a terrible overall ERA. However, with the playoffs looming large, we need to see a better second half in August (now that the Phillies are gone) and a strong September if we are going to make it to the World Series. Good habits need to come with us into the post-season, which is why none of us are panicing after the shellacking from the Phillies. If we're going to have both our pitching and our offense fail, let's have it happen together, in early August, and get it out of our system while we still have a major lead in the division. Come September, I have to believe that a healthier Pedro, a more experienced Maine, a healthy Bannister, a playing-for-his-next-year's contract Trachsel and a money-player like Glavine will all have better fourth quarters on our way to the pennant!As we've stated numerous times, it's very weird to be fielding a Mets' team known for its' offense and bullpen, rather than for its' starting pitching and defense. In this case, weird certainly means good!

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