Thursday, August 17, 2006

Straw Slides Home After All!

According to Newsday, Darryl Strawberry has put aside his differences with the Mets and has agreed to attend the festivities this weekend at Shea in honor of the '86 Championship Mets! (The word "championship" has such a nice ring in front of the word "Mets" doesn't it?) Good for Straw, as he really needs to attend this celebration. Straw wanted the Mets to give him the sum of his deferred monies, a total of $1.4 million, immediately. However, these monies were paid out over a series of years, and were backed by an annuity whose current value is only $800,000. Straw allegedly wanted to use the $$ to pay off the I.R.S. When last I looked, the I.R.S. was a kinder, gentler version of themselves, and would probably be happy to work out payment plans for Straw. Since this is none of our business, other then becoming public record, we're just happy that Straw will take his rightful place alongside his ex-teammates, who will be without Davey Johnson & Ray Knight, due to previous commitments, and Dwight Gooden who, sadly, is incarcirated.

Hey Dude, Nails Is Rich!
At the same time, in the Bergen Record, we learn that Nails - Lenny Dykstra, a neighbor of sorts of mine, has become quite a businessman. For a link to Bob Klapisch's article about Lenny, click here. Besides his string of car washes (which I frequent), Lenny has become quite the stock adviser, as per his column on If you had told anyone 20 years ago that Straw and Doc would be practically down and out, and Nails would be rich as heck....well, you'd probably believe it based on the fact that Nails has such a drive to succeed that you'd never want to bet against him. We only wish that Straw and Doc had fared as well. Another great read by Mr. Klapisch!

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