Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mets Squeek It Out, 10-8, As Wagner Shuts The Door

Well, we WERE leading 10-2 at one point...then 10-6...then 10-8...and finally, 10-8- whew! Trachsel had a no-hitter for a few innings, but ultimately gave up 6 earned runs while still getting the win. He was backed by a Reyes' homer, one of his 3 hits, and Reyes also had 2 stolen bases (making it 52 for the year)! Carlos Delgado continued his hot hand, with 2 hits and an RBI. Nearly everyone got into the act tonight with a balanced hitting attack. The pitching- well, a day after Bradford was praised for allowing so few runners to score had him giving up 2 runs in an inning of work, after Trachsel's game fell apart in the third, giving up 2 runs, and again in the fifth, giving up 2 more, and 2 additional runs in the sixth. Wagner came in for the save in the ninth, giving up a single to Albert Pujols (WHY doesn't anyone walk this guy???!!!) before retiring the always deadly Scott Rolen on a ground-out to end the game. A great win, but one that left me running for some alka-seltzer! For a more complete recap of this game, click here.

2 of 2 - dare we hope for a sweep???

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