Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Off the bandwagon so soon?

Mike from Mike's Mets writes a good article about how the Mets were counted down again and about the bandwagon jumpers taking another leap:

So many have jumped off the Mets bandwagon over the last few days, and it's fine with me if they don't come back. The Dodgers are the "new black" in the National League -- the hot flavor of the month -- an absolutely sure bet to defeat the boys from Flushing in any playoff series. The triumvirate of Brad Penney, Derek Lowe and Greg Maddux will be impossible to overcome for our frail, elderly pitching staff. Never mind we've owned the fragile Penney over the years, and Maddux is less than a month removed from absolutely quitting on that team in Chicago's north side that was paying him a lot of money. As for Lowe -- he cheated on his wife, and we know what a horrible crime against humanity that is. Seriously, though, the Dodgers are a good team, and if everyone wants to jump on them, that's fine with me. We don't need your love, oh baseball geniuses and scribes. We'll just muddle along without you.

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