Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Perez to make Glavine's start?

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus writes about Tom Glavine and the person who probably will take one of his starts:

Tom Glavine will miss a week, not the rest of the season, after tests indicated that there was no blood clot in his pitching shoulder. Instead, the coldness in his fingers was the result of an exacerbation of an existing condition, called Raynaud's phenomenon (Gotta like a condition called a “phenomenon.”) This condition, one Glavine has dealt with for years, causes the body's response to cold to get out of whack. The condition can be treated with medication, meaning that Glavine should miss one start. The Mets are expected to replace Glavine with Oliver Perez, who has been reborn in the Mets system after a trade in July. This is great news for Glavine and for the Mets, whose postseason hopes seemed to hang in the balance.

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