Friday, September 01, 2006

Beltran returns to Houston

Tony DeMarco at writes about Carlos Beltran and his next visit to Houston:

Carlos Beltran returns to the scene of the crime on Friday -- Houston's Minute Maid Park -- where he was booed and heckled unmercifully during the Mets' visit there last season.

But this time, Beltran arrives in the midst of a possible Most Valuable Player season for the team with the best record in the National League, rather than in a disappointing season in which he struggled with the move to New York. So maybe that's why he doesn't seem all that concerned about the reaction in Houston this time.

"Maybe this time is going to be the same,'' he said. "Who knows? We'll find out when we get there. They can do whatever they want. I'm just going to play the game.''

Said manager Willie Randolph: "He's playing with so much confidence now. He'll have a little swagger going in there. I'm sure there will be some frustrated fans, but I don't think it will be as bad as last year.''

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