Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Delgado up for Clemente Award

Marty Noble at writes about Carlos Delgado and the Roberto Clemente Award:

Behind the expression that could scare a dark alley as well as any pitcher is one of the game's genuinely caring and philanthropic people. The curve of Carlos Delgado's brow often softens into part of a smile. And, over time, the need for shoulders that stretch from here to over there becomes obvious. Delgado takes his responsibilities and the welfare of his fellow man quite seriously. And he does something about it. Those shoulders carry more than most.

For his caring and sharing, and the ways he lives and gives, Delgado is again a nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award.

A player from each of the 30 Major League clubs is nominated each year. Delgado, the Mets' 2006 candidate, was the Blue Jays' nominee three years ago. John Smoltz of the Braves won the award last year. Al Leiter won it in 2001 and Gary Carter in 1989 as members of the Mets.

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