Thursday, September 07, 2006

The future looks bright

As David Rubin wrote yesterday in his post, when Oliver Perez comes to the mound I don’t know if he is going to walk three batters and give up a grand slam or strike out the side. But then again I’m not sure what to expect any game that doesn’t star one of Pedro, Tommy, Maine or Hernandez. But one thing is sure they are exciting to watch and wonder what could be.

It’s almost automatic this season, when the Mets bring up someone from the Minors, that the Mets will win with some great pitching that we didn’t really know that we had. I mean the only three shut outs we’ve had this season came from kids in the Minors (Solar, Maine and now Perez). This came out of nowhere. Much like the complete dominance of the entire National League that we have had this year.

Some of the sports writers and commentators want to tell you that we wouldn’t have gotten this far if we would have had the problems that the Braves and Yankees had this year with injuries. Well how about the injuries to Pedro, Tommy, Sanchez, Hernandez, Floyd, Beltran, Reyes, Nady, Bannister, Maine and Valentin to name most. We wouldn’t have had the success if not for all of those kids in the Minors coming upand putting out some real numbers in a hurry.

The whole point of this post is to make the rest of the baseball fans out there that happen to read this post realize that sometime very soon the Mets will have a young dominant staff headed up by Mr. Martinez.

Picture a rotation that sets up to look like:

Pedro Martinez
Mike Pelfrey
John Maine
Brian Bannister
Oliver Perez or Dave Williams

That’s only the starters that have shown us that they can handle the spotlight. But if Perez turns back into the Perez of old. We will have a killer 1,2,3 punch for any team to match. Then lets not forget the other possible starters that may arise:

Alay Solar
Phillip Humber
Kevin Mulvey
Tim Lavigne

The future looks as bright as it has ever been for the Mets and it doesn’t sem to look like it is going to fade anytime soon.

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