Thursday, September 07, 2006

Some Quick Notes: Future Pitching, Jon Heyman's Line Of The Year...


From yesterday's Sports Illustrated's online column "Daily Scoop" by Jon Heyman (formerly of Newsday):

"NL Top 25 Break-Out Players"

(Editor's Note: We placed 4 people on Heyman's list, and that's not considering Endy Chavez, who also should have been on there.)

20. Duaner Sanchez, RP, Mets. Before he was involved in an unfortunate late-night cab accident, he was the best setup man in the National League. The Mets stole him from the Dodgers for Jae Seo.

17. Carlos Beltran, OF, Mets. Whether it's a matter of improved health or because he has now adjusted to the move to New York, he's a viable MVP candidate in his second season in Queens. However, he still looks a little more comfortable away from Shea (.225 batting average at home, .342 on the road).

9. Jose Valentin, 2B, Mets. He began the year behind Kaz Matsui and Anderson Hernandez on the second-base depth chart. A revelation.

2. Jose Reyes, SS, Mets. Manager Willie Randolph recently injected Reyes into the MVP discussion, and it's fair to say that in many ways Reyes has been the league's best all-around player, though it'll be tough to beat out Albert Pujols, Beltran and especially the man below for the honor. If there's an award for attitude, Reyes gets that: He arrived in Port St. Lucie two weeks ahead of schedule this spring.

Not bad- 4 of the top 25 spots, although Ryan Howard, as expected, took the top spot. Everyone seems to think that Howard will be the MVP, and if not, then Pujols.

We always thought that if the MVP was truly to represent the best performance in the league for that given year, shouldn't fielding, running, clutch-hitting, etc. be factored into this equation? We truly believe that the most dominant all-around player this season has been Carlos Beltran, and not because he's a Met- because he's the most valuable player on a team filled with them (Wright, Reyes, Wagner) and still his performance stands out! Anyway, we'll get off of our soapbox now. To read Heyman's (always enjoyable) column, click here.

In today's NY Baseball Central, Pat Andriola wrote a column entitled " Black Friday, Happy Saturday: Why Mets Fans Can Finally Turn the Page on Scott Kazmir." An excellent article, focusing on our newest and greatest Mets' pitching prospects, including Pelfrey, Humber, Mulvey and Guerra. The one point that Andriola doesn't make, and one which we have made a number of times since the infancy of this blog, is that, quite simply, if the Kazmir trade isn't made, Jimmy D remains our GM and Omar never takes over, which means that Pedro and CarlosX2 never happens. THAT, as we have said, is why we are no longer haunted by Kazmir's ghost...okay, that and the fact that he's out for the season! You can read Adriola's column by clicking here.

In today's SI column, Heyman had the line of the year for Mets' fans:

The Braves aren't good losers.

It's that eloquent, so elegant, and so true, it makes me dance! Now they can get used to the view we had for far too long... You can read today's column by clicking here.

Sorry, folks, but we are not, and should not, be interested in signing Dmitri Young. He's a one-dimensional player best suited to the AL, and it's obvious that something happened that we're not hearing about because you don't go from batting third for the left-handed hitting starved, pennant contending Detroit Tigers to being waived from a 40-man roster during September's playoff race unless something serious happened behind closed doors. We don't need anyone else build like Mo Vaughn, either!

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