Monday, September 25, 2006

Trachsel for post season?

Peter Botte at The NY Daily News writes about Steve Trachsel and how likely it will be that he is the fourth starter in the playoffs:

Will Steve Trachsel or John Maine round out the playoff rotation? Does Lastings Milledge have any chance to make the 25-man roster? When will Carlos Beltran play again? What's the latest with Pedro Martinez?

Questions like those came up before and after yesterday's 5-1 loss to Washington, and most were met with the same rolls of the eyes and cliched dismissals as they have for weeks. As of yesterday, the answers, in order, appear to be "Trachsel, maybe, tonight and no comment."

"I understand the questions," Trachsel said after falling to 15-8 with what he described as a "not ugly, not-great, just so-so" performance. "It's because there are no answers."

Randolph seemingly concurs, adding that he doesn't "look at Steve Trachsel like he's auditioning for a spot. He's been one of our best pitchers this year ... and I don't look at it that every time he goes out there he's on trial. I know what Steve Trachsel can do."

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