Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Will The Real Oliver Perez Please Stand Up?...

After witnessing today's masterpiece of a shutout by Mets' southpaw, Oliver Perez, I am left wishing I knew which Perez to expect the next time he starts? The one whose slider was so wicked the Braves couldn't catch it if they had 15 innings or the one whose fastball was so straight everyone, including my Aunt Petunia, could hit it out of the park? His fastball was wicked, as the Braves announcers said it hit 99mph. Imagine- we might have actually landed that lefty power pitcher we've craved, and an old reliable bullpen arm, all for the cost of a rightfielder (Nady)? I guess I'll have to update my "future rotation" list...Pelfrey, Humber, Bannister, Maine, Perez? It's always great to beat the Braves, but nothing is sweeter then sweeping a doubleheader from them! And what a day for Shawn Green!!!

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