Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Chavez Bunted

John Delcos at Lo Hud, writes about Endy Chavez and tells why he decided to drag bunt with two outs in the twelfth to win the game:

Endy said he decided to bunt after the first pitch when he realized where the Rockies first and second baseman were set up. He realized he could push a bunt in between them and the pitcher and leg it out.

I loved his aggressiveness and ability to recognize that. But I felt itwas a big risk to take there with two outs. Afterwards, I asked him if he thought about being second-guessed if the bunt was field and he was thrown out. Endy looked at me like I was nuts.

We spoke for a few minutes and I realized that he didn’t think I was an idiot for asking the question. He just never considered that he WOULDN’T have succeeded in that spot. He was so confident that he would get that run in, whether it was with a bunt, single, home run, whatever. I love that confidence.

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