Saturday, May 19, 2007

Battle For The Back-Pages Continues...Mets Making Inroads!

If you remember, last season we ran some postings on the placement of the Yankees and Mets on the back-pages of the local New York newspapers. Of course, the Yankees have always laid claim to those pages, having been on top of the cities' consciousness for so long. Last year, we decried the fact that a minor article on Joe Torre receieved more play than the Mets sweeping a 3-game series...well, the tide seems to be turning, as these 3 covers from today's NY tabloids would seem to show...let's hope that, as the season progresses, our boys in blue will continue to receive the coverage they deserve...and, if not, I think we've all gotten used to the underdog designation by now, no?

Oh - and the NY Times was consistent, too...

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