Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hyde Says Pelfrey "So-So" In Latest AAA Start...

Toby Hyde, who produces the fantastic daily report on the Mets' minor leaguers, offers the following about Mike Pelfrey's latest start:

Mike Pelfrey (0-0, 1.59) made his first start since being demoted to AAA, and was so-so. While Pelfrey only gave up one run in his 5.2, he also surrendered 7 hits and a pair of walks. What bothers me the most about his pitching line are the 3 K's. His biggest problem in the big leagues was his inability to miss bats and put batters away with a consistent breaking pitch after getting ahead with the two-seamer.

We hope this isn't a case of a top prospect being promoted too soon, not finding the success he and everyone around him expected to see, and falling further into a shell upon being demoted to the minors. Pelfrey is still way too talented to give up on or trade, but there has to be definite concern as to why someone with one of the alleged best fastballs in the minors is having so much trouble striking batters out, let alone throw a consistent breaking ball...Calling Coach Peterson...Calling Coach Peterson...
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