Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let's Make A Deal

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Shea Nation Network), writes about the Baltamore Orioles and how they might be on the look out for starting pitching:

The Baltimore Orioles starting rotation has been decimated by injuries and the team is looking for low budget, back of the rotation pitchers. The Mets have several candidates that could fill those holes for the Orioles, such as Park, Lawrence or Vargas. The Orioles have two second basemen that would be perfect fits here, Brian Roberts and Chris Gomez. Roberts signed an extension through 2009 but his no trade clause only blocks moves to small market teams. Roberts would be more expensive, the 30 y/o has 7 years of experience with a lifetime BA of .279 and a fielding percentage of .982. Gomez would be more of a fill-in type of player, the 36 y/o has 14 years of experience with a lifetime BA of .260 and a fielding percentage of .975. Gomez is only signed through the end of the year. Omar and Duquette teamed up for the Benson/Maine trade last year and seem to a have a good rapport. Source of the contract information Cots Contracts.

The Orioles continue to explore trade possibilities to strengthen their rotation, but Duquette said nothing is "pressing" at the moment.Duquette said the Orioles have compiled a list of about 12 names for consideration, with "varying degrees of interest," and none who would be considered top-of-the-rotation guys. Though he wouldn't reveal any of them, it appears the Colorado Rockies' Byung-Hyun Kim and Josh Fogg aren't on it. source Baltimore Sun

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