Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Glavine Given Out Clause In Next Year's Contract to Sign With Braves, If He So Chooses...Mets Hope Schuerholz Pens Another Book Soon!!!

As confirmed in today's column by Ken Rosenthal on - ( - Tom Glavine's contract for next year, which could total as much as $15 million if all incentives are hit, also contains an out-clasuse if the Braves wish to offer Glavine an offer he deems more desirable then the on the Mets' have given him. Braves GM John Schuerholz's book, Built To Win, offered an insider's view on the original contract negotiations between Glavine and the Braves, wherein apparently Glavine had some second thoughts about going to the Mets and wanted the Braves to offer him a deal to remain with the only major league team he had ever been a part of. Glavine was allegedly offended that this situation was made public via this book, and at the time of publication it was rumored that he would never go back to the Braves. Now we have to remember that the Braves have a payroll of around $80 million, and signing Glavine for even half of what he could make with the Mets would mean the Braves would have to commit approximately 10% of their entire payroll to a player over the age of 40, and a pitcher no less! The odds of this happening are slim, but it's noteworthy that the option still exists at all. Glavine is also very active in the union, and would not accept a greatly reduced offer for fear of offending the player's union. Finally, if for some reason Glavine does decide to end his career with the Braves, we will have between $12 and $15 million to spend on a pitcher next year- say someone who's last name rhymes with "brito"!!!

(Side Note- Rosenthal also states that although the Marlins have not yet put Dontrelle Willis on the trading block, the Mets will be one of the teams making a play for him when/if it happens. Again, not new news, but nice to see repeated confirmations.)

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