Friday, June 09, 2006

Ken Says Kaz Could Go To Colorado...

Or - how about "Rosenthal Responds that Matsui Could Be A Rockie?" No- the first headline sounded better! In his latest column (posted 10 minutes ago), Ken Rosenthal of thinks that the Mets might have a taker for Kaz Matsui in the Colorado Rockies. A link to the article is here. Rosenthal goes on to say that the Mets would have to pick up a significant portion of Matsui's salary and settle for getting little in return- and the problem is???? He also states that the Mets are still in talks with Tampa to acquire Julio Lugo...I still like that idea, although Lugo will be playing out of position. Rosenthal also poses an interesting and potential scary thought that we choose not to believe:

"Hamels, 22, and right-hander Brett Myers, 25, are younger than their Mets' counterparts, right-hander Pedro Martinez, 34, and left-hander Tom Glavine, 40, and could be fresher later in the season. Left-handed hitters are 0-for-19 against Hamels; the question is whether he can stay healthy."

Finally, Rosenthal also thinks Dontrelle Willis will stay put as the Marlins are building a team to compete in the long haul and Willis would be a centerpiece. Another great article from one of baseball writings' greats!!!

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