Thursday, July 13, 2006

David's All-Wright On Letterman!!!

Late-Night Talk Show Host and Avowed Yankee Fan, David Letterman, had our own David Wright on his show last night, and Wright made the usual great accounting of himself as he had for the previous 2 evenings in all-star related activities. Wright is not only the heart of our team, but he's also become a media darling, perhaps THE media darling, in New York baseball, surpassing even perrenial favorite, Derek Jeter. Wright is so grounded and seemingly such a good person that shows like Letterman's simply prove the point. Wright is able to laugh good-naturedly at himself, as he did when Letterman allegedly read the back of one of Wright's baseball cards, which said "David likes to bet on baseball to relax." What a week Wright has had- first, he comes in second in the Home Run Derby; next, he homers in the All-Star game, trying to win his team the home field advantage in the World Series; finally, he holds his own with the acerbic late-show host, known for spouting the work "Mookie" off-handedly. Way to go, Mr. Wright, and thanks, Mr. Letterman, for giving our boy another national platform to show how great a person he is! Next stop, the World Series!!!!!!

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